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Baroudeurs Liégeois: the hiking blog in France

France is a huge playground in terms of nature and hiking! As a neighbouring country of Belgium, you can easily travel to France by car or public transport for a long weekend or a longer holiday. Organising hiking trips in France is therefore easy and accessible.  

Between mountains, sea and plains, France offers a variety of landscapes

Why choose France for hiking? As little Belgians, the answer is simple: in addition to being a country within easy reach, France offers a varied landscape. 

In summer and winter, we love the mountains. A landscape that we are not so lucky to have at home. There are a multitude of possibilities for walking in France: hiking in the Gorges, discovering the Calandres, hiking in the mountains or by the sea,…

The profile of the hiking routes in France is also more varied than in France: you can easily climb a lot of hills to reach great views!

Technical challenges and long-distance trails

Hiking in the French mountains is a good training ground for trail riding. Indeed, the technical difficulties are different (crossing scree, climbing rocks, crossing névés,…) than on our Belgian trails.

The French territory also has many long-distance trails that are renowned throughout the world and which are therefore very attractive to us. I am thinking of the Tour du Mont Blanc, the GR20 or Santiago de Compostela.

Combining our hikes in France with wilderness bivouacs

The strong point of France is the wilderness bivouac. In France, hiking is easily combined with bivouacking. Unlike Belgium, France allows wild bivouacs in many areas. This makes it possible to spice up our outings and to combine hiking with bivouacking more easily. In Belgium, one can only take advantage of the bivouac areas provided for this purpose. These are generally very popular. It is definitely not the same adventure.