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The Baroudeurs Liégeois: the mountaineering blog

Maxime, one of the authors of this blog, is a lover of (high) mountains and has already taken part in mountaineering initiations. Outdoor experiences that he particularly enjoyed, he tells you about his experiences without any pretension through his different mountaineering blog articles!

What is mountaineering? It is a sport activity consisting of climbing high mountains or glaciers using various techniques, including the “roping technique”. The objective of roping techniques is to attach to 2, 3 or more people with a rope in order to secure each other to avoid possible slips in crevasses. Some parts can be climbed. It is also common to walk on ridges.

Surpassing our limits

Mountaineering is a source of adrenaline and a way to see the world from the mountains. Mountaineering requires you to leave your comfort zone. And that’s what makes us love it!

Atypical mountains and mountaineering

Mountaineering allows us to discover the mountains in a more unusual way, by reaching altitudes where the body is put to a severe test, far from our usual comfort. These sensations are extraordinary and unforgettable!

The mountaineering and hiking blog

The blog of the “baroudeurs Liégeois” is the reference blog for hiking in Belgium and for adventures and unusual activities. Mountaineering allows us to spice up our hikes. It is also a sporting challenge. And we love challenges more than anything, you know that!

Mountaineering outside our flat country

With its 694 meters of altitude, the Botrange signal is the highest point in Belgium. It’s clear that you won’t be able to start mountaineering here in Belgium. It is necessary to reach high altitudes and therefore to go off the beaten track!

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