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Content creator and passionate blogger

Together with Maxime, I am the author of this blog. As an expert in blogging, I like to inspire and share my adventures and favourites in all simplicity. As I work in tourism and I am in love with nature, I like to discover unusual places and activities here or elsewhere. I grew up in a sporty family and it is an integral part of my lifestyle.


Sport addict

With Sophie, I am the author of this blog. Driven by the desire to expand my horizons, I am looking for new adventures and life experiences. As a civil engineer in the environmental sector, I strive to be in touch with nature. I am a sports enthusiast and especially a trail runner, achieving good results in prestigious competitions.

We got caught up in sharing each other’s passions, and so our blog Baroudeurs Liégeois was born!

Although we love to discover the world and travel to far away places, we are convinced that you don’t always have to go far away to live extraordinary and unusual experiences. We are also great lovers of our beautiful province of Liege. This is where we grew up and where we currently live.

We share our adventures with you in all simplicity on this blog. We hope to inspire you and satisfy your thirst for adventure and discovery! And why not…introduce you to #slowtravel.