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The Baroudeurs Liégeois: The trail blog in Belgium

Trail running is the favourite sport of Maxime, one of the authors of this blog. He has been running since 2008 and quickly turned to trail running, stimulated by the desire to get closer to nature. He took part in many famous trail races in Belgium and abroad.

On this page, he tells you about his running experiences without any pretension, he shares with you, in all transparency, his sports training set up to reach his objectives and even suggests trail courses in Belgium to let off steam and have fun!

Trail running, a sport linked to nature

The point how between the trail and all that we undertake and share on this blog, it is the NATURE. Trail running is not just about running. Trail running is running in the woods, running in the mountains, running in the desert, running in the countryside or in any other natural environment.

Trail running is a sport activity in the middle of nature which can be practiced over a short or long distance with a more or less important part of difference in altitude. Compared to jogging, medium and long distance trail running is less cardio intensive but is generally harder on the muscles. 

My trail running experiences in Belgium and abroad

The Mont Blanc trail races, the Transvulcania, the Ventoux trail, the Bouillonnante, Olne-Spa-Olne, the Lucioles Soironnaises,… are all experiences that will remain forever engraved in my memory and that I am happy to tell you about through my blog posts.

Are you looking for trail races in Belgium or in our neighbouring countries? Are you hesitating between one of them? You will probably find the answers to your questions in these blog posts.  

My training: how did I prepare myself to reach my goals?

You don’t know how to train or you have doubts about your training plan? Maxime shares with you his training plans to reach specific running goals. We would like to stress that a training plan is personal and not necessarily suitable for everyone. You can still get inspiration from Maxime’s training, if that helps…

Ideas and inspirations for trail routes in Belgium

We are both passionate about trail running and we like to do duo trails in Belgium. We share with you some nice and varied trail routes that we like to do.  

In short, you will find on this page all our advices to be prepared for your adventures.

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