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Discover unique activities to do in Belgium or in our neighbourhood for a day

Always looking for new discoveries and original and unusual activities to do in Belgium, we share with you all our ideas for microadventures: activities that bring us closer to nature, that can be done close to home, in Belgium.

We are convinced that our flat country is full of extraordinary places and undiscovered gems. You don’t always have to travel to the other side of the world to have extraordinary experiences and discover unknown lands. Although we are also motivated by the discovery of far-off lands, we are also involved in the slow travel. It is important to us to share and make known the richness of Belgium and its neighbouring countries.

Nature and adventure blog

The Baroudeurs Liégeois blog was born out of our love for nature and our thirst for discovery and adventure. We are bored with routine. We want to live original experiences outside the community. Being in contact with nature, outdoors and in the fresh air is our source of well-being. We like to spice up our hikes, discover new concepts and places, and even challenge ourselves with sports. That’s why we offer unusual activities.

Unusual activities to do in Belgium with family, friends or as a couple…

One thing is certain, the moments that are shared are the most beautiful and the ones that leave an indelible mark! The activities we offer are generally well suited for couples and families. You can also organise unusual activities for a reunion with friends. The happiness will be shared!

… One day at a time

This page gathers the unusual and original activities that we do in Belgium or in our neighbours’ countries for one day only. You don’t need much time to spice up your daily life! However, if you want to enjoy unusual experiences for a longer period of time, we invite you to consult our page of unusual weekends in Belgium.