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The true inhabitants of Liège know that Saint Paul’s Cathedral has recently been stripped of its scaffolding. We can now enjoy all the splendour it has to offer from the outside but also from the inside, during an unusual visit to the frame of this emblematic building and an original discovery of the Treasure of Liege. Wondering what to do in Liege with your family? Young and old alike will love going on a journey to discover the art and history of the former Principality of Liège during a giant escape game in the museum located around the cathedral cloister!

history of the cathedral saint Paul architecture liège

An unusual visit to the roof of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Liège

Go to the Trésor de Liège museum to book your guided tour of the cathedral’s roof structure. Yes, this activity is now open to the public! We met Alexandre, a historian by training, who told us about the history of the cathedral and the city of the prince-bishops throughout the visit. Please note, however, that the visit to the roof structure is for groups of at least ten people and must be booked in advance. You can contact this email address to make a reservation.

what to do in cork with your family? Unusual visit to the roof of Saint Paul's cathedral

After climbing the 129 steps of a narrow spiral staircase, we arrived at the roof of the cathedral. The architecture is impressive. Photography enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the place. From the roof frame we have access to two small balconies with a nice view of the city centre of Liege. We classify this place as one of the most unusual and Instagrammable places in Liege (you know ;))!

que faire à liège en famille visite insolite cathédrale
vue depuis la cathédrale saint Paul liège insolite

If you want to make an original visit during your stay in Liège or if you want to be a tourist in your own city, what could be better than to visit the backstage of our cathedral! In the middle of the famous spiral staircase, there is a small door, which we had the honour of opening. This door leads to a balcony which is 30 meters high inside the cathedral. The view and the experience were quite impressive! The pictures speak for themselves…

visite insolite liège cathédrale saint Paul

What to do in Liege with your family: a “Da Vinci Code” escape game in the museum of Saint Paul’s Cathedral

After discovering the framework of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Alexandre suggests that we visit the Trésor de Liège museum, which combines art and history, in a rather original and fun way: during a giant escape game whose riddles are spread over the 3 floors of the museum!

escape game trésor de liège

Armed with a bag, a pen and a road book, we set off in search of the relics that will save humanity: the tears of the devil Samael! A life-size escape game where we were completely immersed in the atmosphere of the “Da Vinci Code”. From 2 to 6 players, this is an original activity that will please all members of the family. The game is designed so that the youngest can participate while having fun and using their sense of observation. Two of us had to solve the different riddles and it took us about 1h30 to save humanity. We loved it and have rarely done an escape game that seemed so realistic! You can find here all the practical information and prices to participate to this original activity in Liege. This activity also requires a prior reservation. You can book the escape game by contacting the email address mentioned on their website:

cathédrale saint Paul liège gravures inondation

A small point on the tariffs of the Trésor de Liège

  • Free admission to the museum: 8€ (includes admission to the Archéoforum, partner museum)
  • Ontsnappingsspel: 15€ tieners/25€ volwassenen
  • Charpente only: 10€ (for adults)
  • Charpente and Treasure in guided tour: 15€.
oeuvre cathédrale saint Paul liège

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*article written in collaboration with Trésor de Liège

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