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The Römerpfad hike in Germany is a real spectacle: the Roman road. A hiker’s dream comes true on a single track. We can say that we have hiked one of the most beautiful stages of the Eifelsteig in the southern Eifel! On this circular route we passed caves, waterfalls, a stream, a suspension bridge, viewpoints, Roman remains, castle ruins, … there are so many natural and historical monuments to discover on this unusual hiking route of the Eifel loop in Germany.

Pützlöcher Roman mine Eifelsteig allemagne

Loop hike on one of the most beautiful stages of the Eifelsteig, Germany: routes to follow

The Römerpfad is a signposted walk. The marker is easily distinguished by a coin from Roman times. We did not have to check our GPS tracking as the route was so easy to follow.

The total length of the Römerpfad in Germany is 13 kilometres. The official, signposted Römerpfad trail announces 10 kilometres. This trail does not really include all the natural and historical monuments that must be visited. We have done the entire route and our GPS watches tell us that we have covered a total distance of 13 kilometres with 400 metres of D+.

Römerpfad hike in Germany with his dog

In terms of difficulty, we found the route easy. Except for the distance, which might discourage some people, we did not face any real difficulties. So all members of the family are welcome to walk the Romerpfad route. Alternatively, in this article we offer you a shorter alternative route that passes by some of the most beautiful points of interest. This alternative route is 4km long and has a D+ of 150m. We would like to point out that the route is not suitable for heels and prams.

hiking Römerpfad in Germany medieval castle

The starting point for this Römerpfad hike in Germany is the car park at the end of Ramsteiner Weg. It can be reached from the village of Butzweiler. There is also parking available at Burg Ramstein. The loop route (short and long version) passes through this point of interest.

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Natural and historical monuments encountered on the Römerpfad hike in Germany on the 13km trail

In the space of 13 kilometres, no less than 8 natural and historical wonders are on display for hikers. This makes the route a dream walk in the Eifel.

  • Pützlöcher – Roman Quarry : It is a Roman mine that lives up to its name. It is one of the largest and oldest mines in Germany. It has been exploited very little, but today it offers a real natural spectacle. It is possible to visit the underground with free access. At the entrance on your left, there is a bin with helmets. This can be useful to avoid hitting your head. The different underground paths were quickly covered and it is worthwhile to experience this immersion.
Pützlöcher - Roman Quarry mine Eifel
  • Spätrömische Langmauer is a reconstructed section of the Roman wall. At the time of Valentinian, this protective wall was 72km long and 2 metres high.
Spätrömische Langmauer Germany
  • Höchburg. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Eifel. Its special feature is its easy access and the possibility of picnicking there. To get there, you have to deviate from the official Romerpfad trail and opt for a round trip to this rocky point. The direction is signposted at the appropriate time. This is one of the most beautiful spots to visit on the route!
point of vue Höchburg Eifel
  • Genovevahöhle. The Genoveva cave is one of the most beautiful natural monuments in the Eifel! We were impressed by the size of the cave, which is in the form of a hall, 15 metres wide and 10 metres high. Steps cut into the sandstone rock lead up to the terrace.
Römerpfad hiking in Germany loop route
  • Klausenhöhle. Following on from the Genoveva cave, the Klausen cave can also be found on the same side. It is similar to a cave. It is easy to imagine the life of the hermits here.
  • Geyersley. This is a second viewpoint offered by the Roman road. It is also a diversion from the official route, even shorter than the previous one. Although the view is less impressive than the Höchburg, it is not unpleasant. Ramstein Castle can be seen in the distance. It is certainly a panorama worth seeing.
point of vue trek in Eifel
  • Burg Ramstein. Dating back to medieval times, this castle is only a memory today and remains in ruins. The ruins are relatively well preserved, and when you enter the walls of the enclosure you are immersed in the past. Access is free of charge.
castle Ramstein Trier Germany

You’ll believe me or not… but before entering the castle, I dreamed of crossing the path of a brewery! What could be more wonderful than to have met it at the foot of the castle. From the terrace, it’s a view of the Geyersley. It’s time for an aperitif.

hiking aperitif germany Eifel
  • Wasserfälle Butzerbach. The area around the Butzerbach brook immerses us in a wilderness that differs greatly from the landscape we encountered at the beginning of the route. The torrent-like stream forms mini waterfalls on the rocks along the way. It is possible to walk up the torrent on an easy path accessible to all. We preferred to follow the small technical path along the stream. On the highest part of the path, a 30-metre long suspension bridge was offered to us to facilitate the crossing. From the bridge there is an incredible view of the surrounding wilderness.
Römerpfad hiking trail in Germany

Short version of the Romerpfad in the Eifel: the 4 km route

This 4 kilometre route starts on the same track as the official long version. Much more accessible due to its shorter distance, the route passes the Roman mine, Ramstein Castle and finally the suspension bridge in a wild setting above the Burtzebach.

randonnée Römerpfad en Allemagne château médiéval

When you reach the Roman mine, the shortcut is to continue straight ahead on the path. The caves remain on the right. The Romerpfad route leads up the dry slope to a plateau, where the path is bordered by extensive meadows. Because of the difference in height of the trail, it is impossible to miss the shortcut if you are reading this paragraph. If you want to be reassured, we advise you to take the GPX route with you, which you can follow via our Wikiloc account, or via the application of your choice.

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randonnée Römerpfad en Allemagne

This short itinerary ensures that the main points of interest of this unusual hike are visited. The 3 natural and historical monuments encountered are among the most impressive. Even if we miss the Hochburg and of course the Genoveva cave.

randonnée Römerpfad en Allemagne grotte

The Genoveva cave is not accessible by a shorter route than those proposed. It is halfway along the proposed route of the Römerpfad hike in Germany. So it would be a shame not to go all the way there…

randonnée Römerpfad en Allemagne trêves

One of the most popular hikes in the Eifel is the route along Felsenweg 6. This hike also offers an incredible natural spectacle, in particular the Devil’s Cave: a must-see in the southern Eifel.

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