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St. Peter’s Mountain is one of the must-sees in Limburg and a great reason to visit Maastricht during a free walking tour with your dog. This natural spectacle is located 30 minutes away from Liège, and 2 minutes from the city centre of Maastricht. Dogs are welcomed with warm arms on the large green spaces of the limestone massif. The only restriction is the access to the quarry. That’s why we have made a route that will suit all members of the family.

Maastricht free walking tour with your dog on Saint Peter's Hill
Maastricht free walking tour: the marked out walks of the Saint-Peter Mountain

The St. Peter’s Mountain area stretches from Maastricht to the outskirts of Liege. There are almost 130 kilometres of signposted walking trails over this distance. The starting point for the signposted walks we offer is Fort St. Peter in Kanne. This is on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands.

nature walk Maastricht From this location, there are three possible routes depending on your daily form: :

  • The green route of 5.4 kilometres
  • The blue route of 6.3 kilometres
  • The yellow route of 7 kilometres
  • The red route of 10.8 kilometres

The Fort Saint-Pierre at the start of the walks was impressive from the outset. Afterwards, these tracks lead you to other points of interest, in particular the limestone meadows, the ENCI quarry, the Devil’s Cave, the Caster farm, the Neercanne castle, etc…

Maastricht free walking tour with your dog on Saint Peter's Hill

balade nature à côté de Maastricht The popular tourist attraction is the underground galleries dug into the limestone. Nature has regained its right to exploit the site, as many bats now hibernate in these galleries. The disadvantage of these galleries is that you cannot go there with your dog. The presence of sheep and goats in the quarry makes it necessary to comply with the rules

Maastricht free walking tour with your dog on Saint Peter's Hill

If you want to visit Maastricht with your dog and discover the surrounding nature, this is the place to go. The St. Peter’s Mountain domain is in the immediate vicinity of the city centre and offers the city a lovely green area that we would describe as unusual! To avoid the number one tourist attraction and to wander around on one of the most beautiful tracks of the site, we followed a 7.5 kilometre route.

hike in Maastricht with a dog

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We left our car at the entrance to the access road leading to Chalet d’n Observant. You can also enter and park your car there. The track passes through there. After walking along the Ravel for 1 kilometre, we took the direction of Fort Saint-Pierre. From there, we let the magic work. The place literally seduced us. We took the direct route to the limestone meadows.

Maastricht free walking tour with your dog on Saint Peter's Hill One of the most beautiful discoveries of our walk is the devil’s cave. In the middle of the pastures, it is a huge cave that we came across on our way. It is a 10-metre high rock face with a large opening giving access to it. Recently, access has been restricted due to the risk of collapses. Rather than enter it, we went to the top. We can’t say that the view is particularly worth the diversions, given the surrounding pastures… it’s more for the pleasure of discovering what it feels like to be a giant!

grotte du diable montagen Saint Pierre maastricht visé

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