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How to visit Antwerp differently ? In this top 5 of original activities, we’ll be your guides to take you to Antwerp in a different way. As we are used to unusual trips, we are going to one of the most charming Belgian cities for 3 days. Our top 5 list includes activities in and around the historic heart of Antwerp.

City golf MAS Antwerp An original weekend in Antwerp would be nothing without accommodation that matches the atypical activities we offer. Our heart fell for the Slow Cabins accommodation . We have long wanted to discover these wooden cabins isolated in the middle of nature, but still close to the city. We stayed there for 2 nights. We’ll tell you more about it at the end of this article!  

sleep in an eco cabin Antwerp belgium A city golf course to visit Antwerp differently

This is the must-do activity to visit Antwerp in a different way. We would never have imagined it, but we played urban golf in the city centre. Halfway between golf and mini-golf, this is our favourite unusual activity in the top 5. This concept is also present in 50 other Belgian cities.

hidden gems in Antwerp

Accompanied by Vincent, our guide, we discovered the Eilandje. This is the oldest harbour district in Antwerp. The course we followed is one of the most popular courses offered by the City Golf Tour. During our round of golf we discovered the most beautiful monuments in the district, and indeed in Antwerp. These include the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom), the Red Star Line Museum, the Park Bridge and the Port House.

what to do in Antwerp team building city golfVincent is the pioneer of the concept. He is a former golf player who joined the Belgian national team when he was younger. Combining his passion for golf with that of a tourist guide, he takes us on an exceptional “City Golf Tour” in one of the most beautiful areas of the largest Belgian port city. Definitely the best way to visit Antwerp differently.

eijlandje Antwerp walk routeWe were far from imagining that we could hit a golf ball in the densest city in the country. Yet without fear, we were reassured from our first attempts on the MAS square. Our first target was on the wall of the building itself.

Discovery of the unique Vlaeykensgang passage and the Saint-Anne tunnel

If there are two places to visit in Antwerp, they are the secret Vlaeykensgang and the St. Anne’s tunnel. The first is located in the heart of Antwerp. It joins the Oude Koornmarkt from Pelgrimstraat. Dating from the 16th century, this passage was once the domain of the cobblers. Today, it is home to antique shops and a famous restaurant. A walk through this picturesque alleyway is highly recommended, as its setting is surprising.

hidden gem Vlaeykensgang Antwerp belgium

The St. Anne’s Tunnel, which is much more famous and much used, connects the two opposite banks of the Scheldt. Despite its opening in 1933, it is still a living monument of Antwerp. The opposite bank to the historic centre of Antwerp offers a panoramic view of the bustling heart of Antwerp. The Sint-Anna tunnel is popular and impressive for its wooden escalators that still date back to that time. In addition to the cyclists and pedestrians who use the tunnel on a daily basis, many tourists come here to admire the authenticity of the escalators.

walk tunnel saint anne Antwerp belgium Troll hunt in De Schorre Park in Boom

Since 2019, it has become one of the most unusual walks in Belgium. This troll hunt, which looks like a walk, takes place in the heart of the De Schorre recreational park in Boom. Some of the scenery is reminiscent of the video game Crash Bandicoot. This is one of our favourite activities to visit Antwerp in a different way, especially the surrounding area.

visit Antwerp differently walk with trolls A short, signposted 2.5 kilometre walk is enough to see them all. This trail is also suitable for pushchairs. This is a route where you can be sure to keep your feet dry. It follows either an asphalt path or one covered with duckboards when the terrain becomes muddy and marshy.

walk troll AntwerpDuring our visit to the Antwerp Trolls, we had a lot of fun getting lost in the park. We extended the tourist trail to a total distance of 5 kilometres. This trail is sure to bring us across all 7 trolls on the site.

Visit to the Koninck brewery, the beer of Antwerp

A visit to Antwerp is not complete without a taste of ‘Bolleke’. This amber beer with a caramel taste makes the city of Antwerp proud. We discovered it at the source.

Bolleke brewery de Koninck We took part in an interactive tour of the De Koninck brewery. It’s a really nice adventure where you learn a lot of interesting things about the history of the De Koninck brewery. It is interesting, but very (or even too) history-oriented. So you really have to want to know more about this brewery to give it a try. Otherwise, we’ll meet you at the bar! To tell you the truth, this is our favourite part. This time we were able to visit Antwerp in a different way through its flavours.

visit brewery Koninck AntwerpThe Koninck brewery is located in a small neighbourhood where the local people live! There is also a butcher’s shop (Butcher’s), a cheese shop (Only Cheese) and two restaurants “Black Smoke” and “The Butcher’s son”, both of which are worth a visit (although at very different prices). In short, there is plenty to discover in this area. At Only Cheese, they sell cheese with beer. Either from Duvel beer or from De Koninck beer. We personally fell for the first one, it’s a real treat. This cheese was awarded a medal.

Visit Antwerp differently : Art and nature meet in Middelheim Park

An open-air museum is available to the people of Antwerp free of charge. This is the must-do discovery activity between nature and art that makes up this top 5 unusual activities.

hike in Antwerp park Middelheim Middelheim Park is one of the most famous open-air museums in the world… and it is located in Antwerp. We were happy to have a green space in Antwerp. The city has very few of them. But this one is one of the most popular in Belgium, with almost 300,000 people visiting it every year!

visit Antwerp differently park MiddelheimSome works impressed us. Starting with the work of Erwin Wurm. It is a twisted boat that sits at the entrance to the estate. It literally sets the tone for this unusual walk.

nature hike Antwerp belgiumMiddelheim Park is open every day of the week except Monday. It is located 5 kilometres from the city centre. It is easily accessible by public transport from the Antwerp city centre.

what to do in Antwerp top 5 Unique night at Slow Cabins

Sleeping between fields and woods… that’s the kind of unusual stay we had in mind when we opted for Slow Cabins for a weekend.

atypical accommodation Antwerp belgiumslows cabins offers cabins all over Belgium. The primary goal is not to book a destination but to book a stay away from the crowds and the waves. It is an opportunity to live a unique experience, where the place is meant to connect with yourself and your fellow traveller. Several slow cabins are located in the Antwerp countryside. Whether your stay in a Slow Cabin is in Antwerp or elsewhere, we are convinced that there will always be an opportunity for you to visit Antwerp!

Antwerp accommodation slow cabins


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